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Bellow are general guidelines

Please see the Veterinary resources page for downloadable checklists. Easy to use and hopefully helpful. 


If a case or some xrays are baffling, please ring or email us, we are happy to help if we can. 

  • we will then discuss the most likely differentials and management options

  • together, we will make a personalised plan for the patient and the owner

  • with this in mind, you should be more confident discussing the available options with the owner

  • before booking a surgery with us, please make the owner aware of the costs involved

In the Veterinarinarian Resources you will find more information about procedures, success rates, complications etc. Feel free to use this info when discussing with the owner.

In the Owner Resources there are fact sheets for owners' use; again, feel free to direct the owner to these resources for a better understanding of the procedures.


We are a peripatetic surgical service with a main interest in orthopaedics.

Here is what to expect

  • presurgical consultation with the client 30-60 minutes

  • we will provide the surgical equipment including sterile drapes, gowns, suture material etc

  • local or regional nerve blocks as standard

  • postoperative owner updates 

  • full postoperative support for your team: recovery, follow ups, xrays either face to face or by phone/email/whatsapp

  • postoperative instructions for owners readily available on website

  • fixed prices to help your estimates


In order to provide a good service, a minimum amount of requirements are needed

  • separate theatre

  • registered veterinary nurse 

  • pulseoximeter or capnograph or multiparameter monitor

  • iv antibiotics such as Zinacef or Augmentin

  • local anaesthetic preferably Marcaine 0.5%


Orthopaedic procedure are clean procedures – please plan them as the first surgery of the day.

  • the theatre should be cleaned the night before. Ideally, no other procedures should have been carried out during the night.

  • if procedure have been done during the night, please clean the theatre thoroughly before the orthopaedic procedure.

  • do not enter the theatre with clothes and shoes used on the street or during consults.

  • do not perform dental surgery at the same time with an orthopaedic procedure; if there are at least 2 doors between dental theatre and the orthopaedic theatre, dentals can be performed at the same time.

  • a surgical trolley (min 50x50cm) should be available; please note that we may need to use two trolleys if they are small.

  • orthopaedic procedures can take minimum 30 minutes to perform; if we include draping, kit opening etc, expect the theatre to be used for at least 60 minutes but, more common, 90 minutes, on average. 

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